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Chisakos art-like thing featuring paint and others

ChisakoChisako Posts: 1,034Moderator, Helpful, Cool, Conversationalist, Funny, Cake Mod
edited September 2015 in Off Topic
Since i believe i will do this more often from no on, i guess it's okay to open a thread.

It started with me wanting a new avatar, so i tried to recolor rainbowdash and i liked it.

then i tried OC... not too bad but far away from good.

and today i made something new. (background is not my work obviously, but because i used it for my avatars
before it had to be this BG for this picture too)

tried shader and stuff a little (obviously more focused on friend-pony than my own)

introducing new ponies (they may or may not appear again at some point)

now, if you wonder who these ponies are:

Vivi C'lour

Honey Broom

Raspberry Sweet

Go Q.
[sorry about this uncreativity, but i had to draw him...]

recently got into anime-style drawings.
and not doing anything else but practicing for over two weeks has paid off
this one is anime-style raspberry sweet. (dedicated to darksoul1800)

and this is anime-style Unique Dashie (remember the ponified me?)

both characters above are modeled after already existing characters.
the next one i currently work at is OC based on a sketch and a description i've got.

(next pic cooming soon™ )
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