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The theory of "Illuminati 22-28 September 2015" True or false?

ReepileReepile Posts: 1,701Member ✭✭✭✭
edited July 2016 in Off Topic
I don't know if this has been said or seen before, but what do yeh think bout this 22-28 September "END OF THE WORLD" Illuminati order religious stuff? Shenanigans or smartypants? (No "I don't know what this is" option, go search and research or ignore this)
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The theory of "Illuminati 22-28 September 2015" True or false? 12 votes

It's happening. Believe in religion and stuff with god and you will be saved.
It's going to happen. Asteroids. Watch your toilet seats.
[Deleted User] 1 vote
I'm not sure. This is strange.
The wise old me says SHENANIGANS!!!
ArtificialCookie 1 vote
This is stupid. There is no illuminati, and no such thing like this.
DarkmatterfireDoomlordKravoka 2 votes
NASA Hasn't noticed any asteroids anywhere near/far by. This is stupid seriously.
Other / u w0t this is more complex then my cheese burger
Jarr2003MasterSparkyCookiewoodstockTFU_SatronUiomancantDarthCookieedgyesque45 8 votes


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