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Cat's Meow Transpositionation Idler by FuzzCat927 -- Early Alpha

FuzzCat927FuzzCat927 Member Posts: 104 ✭✭
edited July 2015 in Games - Old
I've been gone for a while. But here I am, with no reason not to make more games with IGM. So back here I have come, just to post this.

Just that one thing. It isn't that hard to go look at. So why not? It would mean a lot to me, as I would like to keep it going.

How to get started, if you didn't figure it out.
  1. Words or phrases surrounded by apostrophes ( ' ) are actually in the game.
  2. Read this:
    Most meows decay, most meaning all meow types currently. I currently have a meow type planned that will not decay, but is hard hard hard to get. However, if you do Transpositionate a meow, or do any other funky act of science to it, it will decay slower or not at all. That is a currently implemented feature as well as to be planned. Enough meow talk, you wanted a guide, no?

  3. Get ~50 'Uncaptured Meows' (I have the about symbol in there because of meow decay.)
  4. Buy the 'Simple Meow Transposerator' Upgrade.
  5. For optimal meow gathering, follow steps 6. and 7. otherwise save them for later
  6. Get ~100 'Uncaptured Meows' (Read the spoiler, it has info about meow decay.)
  7. Buy the 'Get On Your Tippy-Toes' upgrade.
  8. Get ~15 'Uncaptured Meows', and also Adopt 5 Fat 'Cats' (Cats do not decay.)
  9. Get a 'Cat-in-the-box' building.
  10. Repeat steps 8-9 until you have 10 'Cat-in-the-box' buildings, adjusting the amounts for the price.
  11. Adopt 50 Fat 'Cats'
  12. Get the 'Urgency of A Few Cat' upgrade.
  13. You should be able to tell what to do from here.

Nope. No questions have been asked.

Here is a testing version, if you would like to test for me.
pls no
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