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Chisakos -ded as a graveyard- AMA

ChisakoChisako Member, Helpful, Cool, Conversationalist, Funny, Cake Posts: 1,042 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited February 2017 in Off Topic
Hello together and thanks for wasting using your precious Time
to read this most likely probably not exciting thread.

After a month of reading, idling and talking to a few of you (mostly via messages) i thought:
'Well, you seem to fit in here. Nearly everyone is nice or funny and even the jerks are entertaining at times. I will stay.'
I took that as a hint, to introduce myself to everyone who cares. And since i hate talking about myself all the time, an AMA could be useful for once. I'm well aware, that this thing might die within hours, but i have to try, right?

So, if you want my Opinion, my Knowledge, Stories about Experiences i made or even Personal Things - Just ask.
But please Stick to the Rules. Avoid double posts, be polite.

Namechange - Sorry to inform you, but xciting is ded and you have to deal with me now, but that's
probably the same as before.
As for my profile picture, i made a recolor of rainbowdash and put a new cutiemark on the flank.

I call her 'Unique Dashie' and if i find some time i try to OC her... don't expect anything ^^

My "Art" Thread
Maybe i'll become good at this... maybe not... stay tuned.
"You hit the box with maniklas, OMG, IT OPENS! Wait, that was maniklas, wrong side."~brainstorm
"Please respect the Rules. You can look them up at any time:
Rules for Off-Topic Section | Rules for Playground | Rules for Cookie Clicker Section"~me
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