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What playstyle do you prefer on incremental games?

ChisakoChisako Posts: 1,034Moderator, Helpful, Cool, Conversationalist, Funny, Cake Mod
edited September 2015 in Off Topic
I wondered, and found nothing like this, so i ask you...

For explanation what options meant to mean:

- True idle
. Doing nothing, except buying buildings, upgrades and start clicks.
. Of course some occassional clicks for bonus (like golden cookie or equivalents) are in it too
- Semi idle
. Playing active when you feel like, but with a lot of/mostly idle work
- True active
. Playing like any other game, focusing on it and mainly doing nothing else
- depends on the Game
. Selfexplaining
- Tellurium
. There has to be this option i guess (i saw probably no poll without it and i won't break that!)
- un-True Idle
. You idle, but you like to use tools for auto click/buy things
- Strategic / Efficiency
. You look up things before or during play to optimize everything
. and decide on that to idle/semi/active
- Intuition / Luck
. You don't bother to look things up and decide on what you do by checking if 'it feels right'

PS: If there where a poll like this before and i didn't found it, i'm sorry. Please tell me where it was, since i want to know.
PPS: Setting up a poll without Preview makes me quite angry... thanks for Draftstorage Thread!!
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What playstyle do you prefer on incremental games? 21 votes

True Idle
greydragon412[Deleted User]IdlerDoomlordKravokaCarmory 5 votes
Semi Idle
MasterSparkyCookiefanclubAuroyaNovoBurntCookieDarkmatterfireTellurium 6 votes
True active
Uiomancant 1 vote
depends on the Game
CookiewoodstockerdbeereDrago_meh 3 votes
DoigtTheKnifer 2 votes
un-True Idle
Strategic / Efficiency
1234abcdcba4321Shylight 2 votes
Intuition / Luck
DarthCookieChisako 2 votes
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