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Attention Dashnetters. A Recap of my Dashnet experiences.

UiomancantUiomancant Posts: 9,964Member, Cool, Flagger ✭✭✭✭✭
edited June 2015 in Off Topic
As you may have known, my post count and user number are equal. Which equals a milestone thread.

So pretty much, This is me going to say things.

First things first I will thank the person who showed me CC, @Cookie
After a few minute playing CC my attention was drawn up to that fancy top bar. You know the one? Yeah this was one of the buttons I pressed. I immediately signed up (Because I was totally addicted to CC and forums) And the fun began. I uploaded my first avatar (Which I tried to find, I recall its one of my bacon ones) and started posting.

However after a while I kinda lost interest. I faded away and I'm pretty sure my last post was be explaining that I had been murdered by Ortiels assassins. Or something mad. I came back months later and posted a bit more, but faded away again. My third ascension (I didn't have enough points to make a heavenly badge back then) was when I came back at the start of this year and derped around some more.

Since then I have posted about 4.2 thousand times. (I had 600 when I came back) and I stuck around for a long amount of time. Some notable events are:

My first thread (Gates to Hell)
Me trying new things with drawings (Uiomancants hellish drawings(Thats what it was called))
This milestone (As its my first)
Some other random shit.

I'd like to thank everyone who is cool and the opposite (Hot) for putting up with me, and not dying of my horribly bad jokes I should just be murdered for and some other people like @Alot For being top-tier amounts of cool.

So yeah, Thats pretty much it.
Well minus the users I think are cool list, Which is everyone.

I would like you to say something cool or something too. If you want.
Like a like scale or something

Yeah I'm no good at long interesting things.

Tl:dr: This post is kinda a recap or something.
What's a sig btw


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