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Suckergame - A Browsergame got 'idled' (Beta)

ChisakoChisako Posts: 1,034Moderator, Helpful, Cool, Conversationalist, Funny, Cake Mod
edited March 2017 in Games - Old
So, first I want your attention a few seconds.

I'm new to this stuff and have absoulutely no clue regarding CSS and graphic stuff.
So the game is ugly and as long as I do it myself, it will most likely stay that way.
I just copied a CSS, which I thought would be suitable and at least I like it so far.

Now about the game:
It's based on a browser game which is only available in german and with a dead community,
an inactive admin and it's also pretty much just based on tribal wars or something similar.
This game looked very suited to become an idle game though, since most of the time you wait for resources anyway.

About this project:
I honestly don't think much people will like it but it might be useful for others since I used a lot of
different mechanics and OF COURSE they might not be best choices but it's my first project to learn from
and I think i did a pretty good job so far.

If you like it or find bugs let me know.


July-03-2017 - First public release - v0.600b (english) and v0.600a (german)
July-04-2015 - Update - v0.600c (english only from now)
- Translations fixed and formated (tell me if something is missing)
- added Descriptions
- game file hosted with pastebin, EDIT_14-06-15:until i can use links, please use copy and paste (sorry about that)
July-07-2015 - Update - v0.600d
- added icons (a lot still missing...)
- changed some icons
- small changes to the fighting system
- increased success-rate for attacks
- tried to balance slot-rates (needs testing)
known bugs:
- annoying spam of notifications
(can't do much about that; css helps that they
don't block clickables, most of the time)
- fast clicking slots will trigger them multiple times
causes kind of 'cheating'
-using psychopath-attack to gain moral, can exceed the moral-limit

Mar-06-2017 Game links and/or graphics are broken as my file host does not exist anymore.
I'll do a re-work eventually.

Here is version 0.600d en - 1VbUAUWR
(I made it in german only so far, since the original game is german language only
but pretty pointless for you all, isn't it?)

and version 0.600a de - iCELZMXS
(german version)
*NOTE: the german version is just for references and will not be developed any further if you REALLY like it,
maybe I will make it bilingual...

Thanks for reading (or not)
Have fun. Can't wait for (positive) feedback.
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