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What scares you the most?

GouchnoxGouchnox Member, Friendly, Cool, Conversationalist Posts: 6,483 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
edited June 2015 in Off Topic
According to Vsauce, these are the things that scares most of us the most. And this is essentially the only reason why this potentially dupe thread isn't fully a dupe.
Out of those things, what scares you the most? You can choose more than one, of course, you can propose some more things that scares you more than what is on this list, of course. This is a democracy, you can say what you want, and you aren't even forced to say anything ^^
I don't really have any reason to justify this thread other than curiosity and the will to start a healthy conversation, which is told to be very rare on the Internet.

On my end, I'll say...
Injury of a loved one, death of a loved one, failing a test, making mistakes, the future, being a failure.

Disgusts ^^

Oh and here's your cookie.
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