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Solar's Wrath Idle RPG project

Solar's WrathSolar's Wrath Posts: 98Member ✭✭
edited May 2015 in Developer's Lounge
Hello everyone. I'm fairly new to this forum and once I noticed that I could make my own Idle game. I jumped right to it. I love Idle games but I also love things that are engaging. It is why my Idle Game would have 50% Idle and 50% active playing!

I want my game to appeal to both Idler and active players but not simply giving clicking boost for active player and idle boost to idler... but instead giving you a fighting mechanic similar to the JRPG games and rewarding you for winning battle! Or you can simply idle your way to over Level 9000!

The game is currently not released yet but it is working well. The Link will be given here once released!. Most of the basic mechanics are already working, here the list of the mechanics for the First Alpha!


Alpha 1.0.0

-HP bar with working HP Max system including being able to raise your HP Max
-MP bar with working MP Max system including being able to raise your MP Max
-Leveling system with XP which reward you with 5 stats point per level
-4 Attributes to spend your stats point in!
-Money system with a classic Clicker style to gain more gold!
-2 Clickable, 1 for gaining money and 1 for XP!
-Ores in the game (Can't collect for now)

To do before an Open release:

-At least 10 Gold Buildings
-At least 5 XP Buildings
-3 Main character Class (Warrior, Mage, Ranger)
-At least 15 weapons per class
-1 building per ore/crafting material
-At least 5 upgrades per buildings

Planned feature in the short run:

-JRPG combat system
-Luck system
-A refined crafting system
-A refined ore/crafting material gathering system (Require Luck system)

What I plan for the game in long terms:

-A RPG Fighting system (2D Zelda like)
-1 Randomly Dungeon to explore, full of monster and Loot
-Random Item generator
-New Game+ system (Known as prestige system in Idles)
-Porting the game to Unreal Engine 4
-Steam release
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