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Your opinion about opinions?

AuroyaNovoAuroyaNovo Posts: 5,493Member, Friendly, Helpful, Cool ✭✭✭✭✭
edited February 2017 in Off Topic
Quite complicated topic, I guess, but I want to hear your views about this, since it's currently going through my head a lot.

I think that opinions are blocking us pretty often. Even more, they tend to make us intolerant and "stupid", and stop us from evolving.

By stupid I mean, that we often stop using our brain once we've formed an opinion about something. We take it as natural that an opinion applies as truth, when it usually doesn't, and we stop asking questions about that specific topic because we already have our opinion. We hear something about a topic, and no matter how out of context it is, we already form a basic opinion about it, without knowing more facts and/or rumors about it. Way too often we start to spread that opinion by throwing the small piece of knowledge we have around us, and start to believe the opinion as a fact, without knowing any facts at all.

Might be confusing, so I just drop a small example off my head:
Someone reads in the newspaper, that people have started to kill masses of ants with flamethrowers somewhere, combined with an article on how useful ants are and what they contribute to the ecosystem. And he gets upset, because it seems as if these people are destroying the planet. And so he has formed his opinion already, about a nameless organization of environmental terrorists.
But he doesn't ask if there might be something more to it. The thing with those ants is, that there are way too many of them in the region, eradicating lots of other insects and taking up a way too big part of the food supply for various animals, even killing animals because the ants are just everywhere.
But those things are not important to our someone, because he already has an opinion.

Get what I mean? And that also applies to many other topics, not only ants. It even applies to opinions about ourselves, which greatly stops us from getting to know ourselves and from learning to live with ourselves.
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