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Gouchy does a thing

GouchnoxGouchnox Member, Friendly, Cool, Conversationalist Posts: 6,485 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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(again, putting my name on the title so that you are aware that this is boring before clicking)

Warning: this thread is a completely narcissistic text where I basically talk about my life and nothing else because I'm an ass, and because there's a char limit in the activity. Also, because I don't want to bore everyone to death, and I'm using the fact that few people will see this thread, and few will read the entire thing since I purposely make them fat so that no one reads them.
So, erm... oh yeah, after the disclaimer, the actual explanation and stuff.

So, I am currently in high school, in France. And, in high school, in France you have three main series to choose from for your learning experience of joy and balloons. Science, with mainly math, physics, chemistry, biology, and all that tasty chemical equations stuff. Economy, with, you guessed it, mainly economy, history/geography, math, and all that fun jazz. And Literature, which is mainly French and other Languages like English. Again, these are the main stuff, there are other special thingies, but I'm talking mainstream peanut butter here. I am personally in a scientific series.
So, France + high school + science = science project thingy. I'm using the adjective "thingy" to differentiate it from anything that could be named "science project" but that isn't what I'm talking about. See? Pro strats right there.
The science project thingy is basically: you spend a year working on a specific science subject in your teem of 3 people that you choose, and you make some experiments, some testing, funky chemicals and weird beeps, science happens, smoke sfx, and bam, you end up with a complicated project (thingy) that takes up pages upon pages, that you have to present with some cool presentation wizardry such as "Powerpoint" and "showing your creation/a model of it/ponies to the teachers to impress them". Bam, working working working, numbers, is this working? Exams and stuff.
Now, the story only begins there (yes, I know, you can give up reading if you want). Because, sometimes, with these science project thingies™, you can have groups that, surprisingly, makes really good stuff. Stuff that would actually be a shame to just forget once the exam is over, for the teachers. This is where the ICAM contest comes in. Basically, the ICAM is like a college high school thingy for smart people that are actually smart and invent stuff. The C stands for Catholic, because nobody is perfect (cue the hate comments (I'm saying this because I'm not Catholic, don't hate)). Basically, there contest is like "hey, students form the surroundings, come here and show us what you've got!".
So, in case you didn't see it coming, I'm gonna spoil the end for you: our teacher liked our thing and bam, we participate in the thing. As far as I can tell, we're the only group this year in our school to present something at the thing, but I don't know for the peeps in the economic series. I don't know about last year, but the year before, a group from our school went and totally won the thing. Anyways.
So we're gonna have to step up our game, print some stuff to up on poster thingies (we're gonna have a stand/stall/booth, depending on how you use worldreference), make some experiments live and all, show things, wave hands, and most important: present our stuff to the jury in English (because why the heck not). And... the thing is next Tuesday. Yup, surprises. So... we're gonna have to work, translate some shit (lots of technical words), print some shit, do some nice presentation, maybe have a powerpoint with me since I'm gonna bring my school computer.. lots of work, excitement, worries, feelings, neurotransmitters.
Did I ever mentioned what our science project thingy™ is? Oh shit, I haven't! Pardon me, that's very rude.
We are working on bioplastics. Plastics that you can recycle, that don't use petroleum, that are made from freaking milk or even corn, that smell good (maybe not), that don't burn, that don't pollute...
We made two types: one out of... erm... basically, it can be made out of starch or cornflour, because of how... erm... How to explain without going into molecular details... okay, basically, potato. So, one out of potatoes, and one out of casein (milk and vinegar). Yup, you can make plastic in your kitchen easy peasy. The former is semi-transparent, and flexible, the latter is super solid (we had to use a hammer for the solidity tests) and opaque. Basically, we cover most of the types easily. We explain the history of the plastic, how it is done, the components of it and how they work, how regular plastic is created, the pros, the cons, all the tasty stuff.

Soyeah, presenting stuff and all, actually doing something.
tl;dr: Congrats, you didn't wasted some precious minutes of your live by not reading that.

I don't even know why I'm saying all of this, there's no real point to make, other than I'm doing a thing. "I", more like my group with the cameo of Gouchnox in the background, considering how much I don't work. in these kinds of projects.
I hope not many people reads this, I don't want to be too annoying. Sorry.
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