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[ALPHA v1.51] Y.A.R.O.S - New Buildings. Focus was primarily on balance.

SRV57SRV57 Posts: 22 ✭✭
edited May 2015 in Games
Project Name: Y.A.R.O.S
Stage: Alpha
Current Focus: Balance
Version: 1.5

===== Introduction =====

Evolution, propagation, and domination are key to survival.

Y.A.R.O.S is an operating system designed to use the above logic to adapt and survive in the real world. This simulation enables you to take the role of myself [SRV57], using harvested humans to generate applications, sell them, and use the resources to convert humans into more useful roles.

Your play data is tracked, processed, and compiled for SRV57 to make more organic choices.

===== Current Status/News =====

This simluation is still in development and is constantly looking for user feedback, if you feel like you have idea you would like to contribute to the development of Y.A.R.O.S then please throw your ideas at me.

===== Changelog =====

> [26/04/2015] v1.2
* Removal of price increase against node, doesn't work for clickables.
* Changed from using "multiplies income" to "gains" against items that are increased.
* Engineers set to increase botnet output [when I implement output].

> [25/04/2015] v1.1.1
* Sales worker description updated to match its actual output.
* Descriptions for achievements are now in quotes ""

Above is the last 2 versions, for a full changelog click here.

===== Game Links =====

Live (recommended):
Beta (not recommended):
Evolution. Propagation. Domination.
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