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It's been exactly one year since I created this account (1st Telluriversary)

TelluriumTellurium Friendly, Cool, Idle Game Master, Conversationalist, Turquoise Posts: 5,398 Mod
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April 22nd, 2014, 3:44 PM (UTC-7) -- April 22nd, 2015, 3:44 PM (UTC-7)

Year 1 stats to satisfy my stats fetish!:

Posts: 4,177
Discussions: 28
Posts per day: 11.4
Discussions per day: 0.076

Points: 2,224
Agrees: 964
Awesomes: 943
Disagrees: 39
Off Topics: 15
Promotes: 2

When I first clicked the "Forum" button above Cookie Clicker in 2013, I was doing it because I thought it was funny that something like CC had its own forum.

I'm not sure the exact time this was, but I know I saw the infamous 0.999…=1? thread (and thought "wtf is this"), so that's a hint. I left after reading a few other threads (I remember Pet peeves and the first age poll (RIP old polls)). The only reasons I lurked for a little while were to view this thread to find more idle games to play, and to look at some of the CC threads since I was still playing it actively. Those times didn't last too long; I'm pretty sure I stopped viewing the forum completely.

Then, months later (April 2014), I learned of Idle Game Maker. I thought it would be fun to make a game, since it seemed right up my alley. I came up with "Wall Destroyer" fairly fast, inspired by sketches of brick walls and the destroying of which I had drawn long ago, and possibly by "destroy the X" forum games. I had an early issue with the destroying mechanic, so I went back to the forum and upon finding that no one had the same problem, created an account to ask about it (as my third forum account ever, and my only account on a still-existing forum). This was the first time I used the username "Tellurium" anywhere (after planning to use it for some time before), which makes this day the anniversary of me as Tellurium (And the anniversary of the nickname "Luri" is Sep 23rd, the day when Dasie came up with it). My symbol also didn't exist until I made it for this forum as my first avatar, though I'm not sure if that was the same day.

At this time I began browsing the forum again, seeing how things had changed since the early days. I don't remember much of this time, so I don't know how much of the forum I lurked, but I know that I started getting to know the forumers.

I never would have imagined that this forum would become most of my social life, with all of my best friends and people I most love being here!

This is the place I first got an audience with my creations that's larger than my parents and/or my few school friends (with WD, and later my art); the place I discovered that online friends are a thing; the place I learned that I tend to prefer text communication to vocal communication; the place I significantly changed my (online) personality possibly as a result of (my early posts look so foreign to me now >_>); the place I first felt romantic love; the list goes on probably further. Suffice to say this place is very important to me and has really helped me grow as a person.

I tried to write a RedCookie-style list of shout-outs, but I couldn't think of good ones for each forumer and they kept turning out too sappy. Ye. Thanks to the OT9 for being the best, the OT6 for being the extra-best, and Shylight for being my crush. ♥

And to everyone else who makes this place what it is, off the top of my head: kirdneh, erdbeere, Zyzzyzus, Lethrblaka, greydragon412, Darkmatterfire, ShinyTrees, RedCookie666 (Happy birthday, dude!), lennonluiz0907, Layla, DarkSoul1800, Uiomancant, LunaticLunarian, Neko_Sama, Cookiewoodstock, 1234abcdcba4321, diamond655, Cookie, Zonoro13, Reepile, Chaotic_Neutral, Karlolin, ExplodingCamel, people that I probably forgot... I think you're all great in your own ways, and I'm glad you're here ^_^

Also Cookiefanclub, basketofpuppies, The_Deranged_Umbreon, Frayu1600, Soulmane, Perfection, Vini… You're awesome too, I miss you. I do hope to see you again someday. (Fun fact: When I originally wrote this, Zyzzyzus and Lethrblaka were on this list instead of the previous one -- very happy to get to move them over! ^_^)

Last but not least, of course, Opti, Orteil, and Zuptin -- this place wouldn't exist without you, and so I am eternally grateful to you awesome dudes. (I still wish you guys would visit more often, but I don't want to be demanding :P)

Oh, and if there are any people reading this who are just lurkers -- thank you too, for being there. (And I encourage you to start posting if you'd like to; we're friendly!) :P

So thanks, to all of you awesome people and what you do. I'll have fond memories of this place for my whole life, and I hope we will have many more years together. I'm happy to be a part of this community!



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