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The Safe Returns...

ReepileReepile Member Posts: 1,703 ✭✭✭✭
edited July 2016 in Playground
Legend once spoke of a legendary safe, who once fought a bunch of Dashnet Forum members, getting stronger and stronger. The prize was never revealed, and the safe eventually disappeared...
It was the end... Until it finally came back... The safe returns... It was back again as the same usual safe from the start, concealing a greater prize than before. It cranked up into position, and stood there. Many people sighed it was back, as there was no point fighting it... BUT WAS THERE???
"I return at last, fear the new powers of everlasting rage..."
Do whatever you can to defeat the safe, either shooting random lasers or kicking it with metal shoes, it's totally up to you. You may also summon friends to help you fight the safe.

There is a charging feature, where you can charge 1/? 2/?, and each charge goes up by 1 per round. The higher the charge for either a summon or attack, the stronger it is. Summons later on in the game will need charges like 1/5, 2/5 each round.
You cannot do multiple charges in one turn, HOWEVER you may do side attacks while charging. Make sure you still write the ?/? charge with the side attack.

YOU MAY HELP OTHERS WITH SUMMON (?/2 Can be complete in one round with the help of two people)

The battle field explained:
(F) = Friends that help you fight.
(E) = Enemies summoned from the safe to fight friends and help heal.
(S) = The safe in general.
(M) = Mini Boss, usually found in different battle arenas. Powerful enemies that don't work for the Safe in usual cases.

You do not have any HP (Basically invincible), but if you don't summon, the safe will eventually begin to heal itself, making it impossible to progress. Summons (friends) help you distract the safe from healing itself, as well as speeding up the process. Eventually in later game it will update to other STRONGER versions (2.0, 3.0, 4.0) so be quick!

1. NO DOUBLE POSTS! Put ALL YOUR ACTIONS into one post. If you forget some bits, don't edit, just make another quick double post and get it over with. NO TRIPLE POSTS DONE!
2. No too complex stuff. That is why I left the safe last time. Don't summon extremely complex stuff.
3. No OP powers or "insta kill" because no.
4. If you are doing something that feels strange and kinda wrong, don't do it.

(S) 1,000,000

"Why have you returned?! You are unwanted! You really think you can beat me?! Don't even bother answering, I know you will complete a pathetic lie like ooh yes we can..."
whats wrongwith me
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