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Killer Clicker [Alpha]

Lucky111Lucky111 Member Posts: 15 ✭✭
edited April 2015 in Games - Old
Absolutely not interesting thing, don't read it
Well, here's my little game, there's almost purely NOTHING for now but i will update it.

Da game link

Click, click !

Update list + planned updates


Latest updates

V0.2 (Alpha)

10 new achievements

Added flash light
Added laser sight
Added flash hider
Added supressor
Added compensator
Added bipod
Added grip

Added QBS-09
Added RPK-12
Added QBB-95-1

Fixed P90 income


Upgrades :
Increased price of some click upgrade

Buildings :
Cities (objectives) system

Misc. :
Fixed reputations building not giving total reputation

V0.6 (Coming soon)

To do :
Make achievements images
why do you read this
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