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IdlerIdler Posts: 3,226Member, Wiener, True Wiener ✭✭✭✭✭
edited March 2015 in Off Topic
I don't know seriously what you're said. I think you guys got much awesome than me, and some more points than me. I actually lost some activity in this forum when CG spammed the fake flags, but I'm slowly getting more active.
I would say "Dear" to everyone, but I don't think I should do it through PMs, I'm making a private RP where you can role play.

That's a PM to roleplay, I'm very bored...

I don't think moderators should unban CG.
CG was getting better...

And yeah, today I'm confused how a alt account of CG did a necrobump. It was WonderfulPeter which was banned.
I want to see these posts that he posted, but it said that I couldn't find a comment. What's wrong?

So I have no idea why Emoijs are disabled, it remind me of emotions from WhatsApp.
I mean I have no idea on EXACT reason why emoij are disabled...


That's why I don't get it. My life, something... I don't get it. I was the one to officially get demoted to level 3 due to CG's spam.

I lost in Best of Dashnet. I think I was a fast man, but then peoples unintended don't chose me. I wished I was the TOP 1st fast man.

I hope Opti doesn't get hacked, I don't get hacked as I have no password for me.

Here's I go on member's my shout:

@1234abcdcba4321 You were farming points before... I don't get how did you get it.

@DasBloody Congratulations on your great works!

@Reepile You made great games...

@Tellurium Congratulations much on being a moderator!

@Shylight Congratulations! You help so much peoples that became you a moderator!

@TFU_Satron I hope you come back, bread.

@ClickingGhost Too bad, you are banned, but you're still a nice flagger. What time was the ban?

@Frayu1600 I hope you come back...

@Anon9mous Nice, you're in OT6!

@Gouchnox You made great arts...

@Idler It's youself, seriously??

@Karlolin You're good at language.

@Cookie You were a post farmer... But you're still good.

Others: Congratulations on activity like to @MasterSparky for being a internet member, @Zuptin for being a admin, and to other member who have also done perfect activitys!

So, this is end of this. Discuss anything it interents in it. Keep this discussion alive and NOT dead.
"Banned for not putting your quote to signature." - Tellurium


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