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Help MiningcookiesVIII become an IGM pro! Current problem: Clicking reverts to 1

MiningcookiesVIIIMiningcookiesVIII Posts: 1,860Member ✭✭✭✭✭
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I want to get good at IGM. The answers will be posted here, so you can read them if you needed help with it. To check it out:
For the main Post Farmer thread:
Help me:

First problem: I'm too lazy to write the text myself. Is there a good base stylesheet I can use?
Answer: Wall destroyer
Second problem: how do I add images for the resources that work? (look at the code)
Answer: Upload the pictures to imgur or find another image.
Third problem: If I click the post note, it won't give me anything.
Answer: Misspelling.
Fourth problem: How do I make a clickable unlock by buying an upgrade?
unlocks clickable
Fifth problem (look in code, A.K.A. LIC) Why does clicking harvestLeaf give me +1 TotalPostsinstead of +1 totalLeaves?
Answer: Typo!
Sixth problem: It said it failed to parse line 41, and it said there was something wrong with "visible" and "undefined resource" but I don't see a problem!
Answer: Only one visible resource at a time.
Seventh problem: The imgur photos show up as a blue question mark ingame. (for the rakes.)
Answer: add .png?1 at the end.
Eigth problem: not really a problem, but if you have any building ideas, I would love them!
Answer : Cursor
Ninth problem: After refreshing, Cursor clicks revert to 1.
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