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Before anything starts, you might ask why I'm putting my name in my threads title every time. That is because I'm awfully narcissistic and selfish, and that I want people that clicks here to know what to expect. I don't like much those usual thread titles that just beg for a click to only present you a boring thread that will be bumped in your "Participated" section even if you don't want it to be. Since my threads all have my name in them, you know that clicking them will only bring you boredom. Isn't that neat?

Back on topic.
This is like a compilation of my minecraft command blocks stuff. Like, when I do a system thingy, I'll post it here, along with a (hoped to be simple and understandable) brief explanation on how it works. In tons of spoilers. For some reason. I might make them some one-command things later (if I ever get to understand McEdit, which will likely not happen), so that you can import them in your world is you want to give them a test.
Here we go.

- A lot of these will use the Gamemode 4 Custom Crafter module by Sparks from AccidentalGames. Therefore, I won't be explaining the crafting part and just show it, as it's the same each time.
- A lot my modules use some scoreboards, and I need to explain what it is. A scoreboard is basically a score (number) that gets attributed to a player/entity depending on their actions. If you have ever coded (java, phyton, even TI or Casio basic), you have obviously used some variables to keep track of something, to count, or to do some math. Well scoreboards are just that. Every scoreboard score (number) is unique to every entity/player, and all entities/players can have different scores (numbers) in different scoreboards at once, as every scoreboard is independent form one another.
Now, there are different types of scoreboard. The most used type is "dummy". A dummy scoreboard can only be changed using commands, and not by anything else. It's used for timers, RNGs, and all. But there are a lot of other types, that will track the players'/entities' action. For example, the "deathCount" scoreboard keeps track of their number of deaths, the "stat.craftItem.itemID" will go up by one each time you craft a specific item...
Each and every scoreboard can be separately manipulated using commands, while still serving its purpose (except for the "health" one, that keeps track of your health, and that cannot be manipulated by commands).
Everything good? Let's start.

Wither Bow:
The Wither Bow is a craftable item, that only works with Wither Arrows (which are craftable too). Shooting with the Wither Bow will produce the same sound as the Wither when he shoots a wither skull, and the Wither Arrow will have a smoke trail behind it. When the arrow lands, it will explode, producing a creeper firework effect, and affecting wither to every entity nearby the explosion. It is a very powerful weapon, but that is still very expensive, even with a wither farm.
If you don't have Wither Arrows, the bow will act like a regular infinity bow. It can be renamed, repaired and enchanted, but it won't affect the consumption or the effects of the Wither Arrows. Renaming the Wither Arrows (for some reason) will work but they will loose their purple glow. Shooting directly in a mob won't make the arrow explode, as it has to hit a block in order to do so. Don't be too precise when you shoot ^^

Item plates:

How it works:
Scoreboards used:
- 'WitherBow' is type 'dummy'
- 'WitherBowShot' is type 'stat.useItem.minecraft.bow' (will increase by 1 for a player each time this player shoots an arrow)

- Every player that has a Wither Bow in their hand and some Wither Arrows in their inventory will get a WitherBow score of 1 (so that we can track them as someone that can potentially shoot a Wither Arrow). If not, their WitherBow score will be removed.
- If a player has just shot an arrow (WitherBowShot score of 1), and has a WitherBow score of 1:
  • The arrow that has been shot will get a WitherBow score of 1 (so that we can track it as a Wither Arrow).
  • The mob.wither.shoot sound will be played around them.
  • A Wither Arrow will be removed from their inventory.
- Then, their WitherBowShot score will be removed.
- Every Wither Arrow (an arrow with a WitherBow score of 1) will have a smoke particle on them.
- If a Wither Arrow (an arrow with a WitherBow score of 1) hits a block, it will get a WitherBow score of 2 (so that we can track it as a Wither Arrow that is about to explode).
- If a Wither Arrow has a WitherBow score of 2 (is about to explode):
  • It will summon an instantly-exploding Creeper at its location. If mobGriefing is turned off, the Creeper will not break blocks.
  • Every entity in a 6-block radius will get the wither effect for 8 seconds.
  • It will summon a creeper-face firework at its location (with all the attributes of the firework). It will explode after 1 second.
  • It will summon a large-ball firework at its location (with all the attributes and stuff). It will explode instantly.
  • The Wither Arrow will be killed.
Note: to make the Wither Arrow seem like it is enchanted without any enchant showing, I used an enchant with an id of 10, which doesn't exist. So the game shows that the item is enchanted, even if the enchant doesn't exist. Renaming the arrows in an anvil will make the game realize that the enchant doesn't exist, and remove it.

Trash Can:
The Trash Can is a craftable item that can be placed anywhere, just like a regular block. Placing it will place a hopper with an aesthetic bedrock block in it. Every item that goes into the Trash Can will be instantly deleted. You can open it and put items in it, you can drop the items above it, you can transport the items in it using hoppers...
If you break the Trash Can, you will get your item back, and not a hooper. The "Trash Can" name will appear in the hopper GUI. The Trash Can item will be instantly deleted if you try to rename it. This because the item name is important in this instance.

Item plate:
In-game appearance:

How it works:
- Every Trash Can that has been renamed in an anvil gets cleared from the player's inventory.
When you right lick with the spawn egg, a Silverfish named "Trash_Can" is spawned. This Silverfish is what we're using to create the trash can.
- Every Silverfish named "Trash_Can" creates a hopper at its location.
- An invisible ArmorStand named "TrashCan" is spawned on the Silverfish's location with a bedrock block on its head. This ArmorStand is gonna be our "target" to keep track of where the Trash Can is.
- The ArmorStand gets rid of the Silverfish.
- The ArmorStand is constantly getting rid of all items in the hopper by replacing them with air.
- If the ArmorStand sees an air block at its location instead of a hopper (which means that the hopper has been broken):
  • It will kill the hopper item that has been dropped when breaking the hopper.
  • It will spawn the Trash_Can item at its location, with a subtle upwards movement so that it looks natural.
  • The ArmorStand will be killed
image Packs: (CC ~ MC ~ BoI ~ DNF) image
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