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My extended sig.

1234abcdcba43211234abcdcba4321 Posts: 9,633Member, Friendly, Flagger, Conversationalist ✭✭✭✭✭
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Oh, and happy 7001th post everyone!

Funny quotes!
None here yet. I was going to add a few of kirdneh's but I'm too lazy to find them.
Or maybe I could find one and put it in?
1234cookieeikoocVI-III-II-I ~Kirdneh
"Can you put: "Can you put in this question asking you put this question in your sig in your sig?" into your sig?" ~Kirdneh

More stuff
I have accounts on a lot of things. the username is usually "1234abcdcba4321", or something involving "calvin" and "dang".
I really like SMW, minecraft, touhou, and VVVVVV; I'd enjoy a nice friendly chat with someone here about them since no one at school is interested (except for that one guy, he's pretty neat but I almost never see him).
I have accounts on the minecraft forums, talkhaus, dashnet, youtube (Google+ as well), ninjakiwi (I never go there tho), ninjakiwi archive, kongregate, imgur, scratch, and various other places. Have you found my account in a "different place"?
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