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How To Farm Disagrees Without Being Depressed

[Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 ✭✭✭✭✭
Step 1: Wait for thread number 9,997
Step 2: Post a meaningless thread
Step 3: Wait for 1234humble4321 to post 9,999th thread
Step 4: Check that Zonoro has a draft for 10,000th post
Step 5: Post How To thread
Step 6: ???
Step 7: Profit!

If you followed all these steps, congratulations! You have now broken the disagree record! Here is your prize for being the user with the most disagrees and the guide to hell!

Me: I'm so proud of myself!
Pessic: Uuuh... I got a bad feeling about this....
Combot: You bet.
Mighter: Oh, great.
Optic: Well, it's a good How To guide!
Combot: Whoops. RedCookie was earlier than us.
Mighter: As if one should care.
Optic: Well, we are still the 10,001th post, right?
Me: It's ruined. Go home to grandma and eat some cookies. It's over. Nothing to care about.
Combot: Don't forget to disagree the post!
Change is constant.


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